Jodie/Yingchu was originally trained and worked professionally in marketing specializing in creative industry. In 2010 she had the chance to continue her solid dance training which she began in her childhood. She keeps challenging herself physically, mentally and emotionally, empowering herself to grow inner strength and to connect her true essence within, she develops her vision of being a dance artist – create for well-being with love, and dedicate to the Universe. Being a dance artist specializing in somatics and dance making, she has been praised by numerous dance seniors and has impressed many dance masters including Eva Karczag, Jeremy Nelson, Benoît Lachambre, Miranda Tufnell, Barbara Mahler, Sean Feldman, and Kerry Nicholls. She has worked in many cross cultural dance projects including Artscross Beijing 2012 with Robin Dingemans and Biblioteca Do Corpo at ImPulsTanz 2014 with Ismael Ivo. In 2015 she got TL Postgraduate Dance Award to undertake MA Creative Practice (Dance Professional Practice) at Trinity Laban and Siobhan Davies Dance (Independent Dance), where she worked with Siobhan Davies, Matthias Sperling, Kirsty Alexander, Gaby Agis, Frank Bock, Eva Karczag, Charlie Morrissey, Andrea Buckley, to name a few. In 2016 she was selected to work at SMASH-Berlin, where she works with Maria F. Scaroni, Matthieu Burner, Anna Nowicka, Sonja Pregrad, and Alessio Castellacci, and extending her professional field into healing arts, where she can manifest her vision with dance art (somatics), energy work (spirituality), and nature (permaculture). Most recently, she was invited by Norway choreographer Mia Habib to join her work A Song To… and performed in Copenhagen, which is Jodie’s first time dancing and performing in nudity on stage.

Her work is about “sensation and perception”, to discover the “flow state of being”, exploring the relationship among heightened kinaesthetic experience and perceptual awareness, cultivating in the practice of dancing and through the process of dancing, and with a sense of connectivity and flow state of being. This is the main work of her somatically informed dance practice, inspired by Eva Karczag and Skinner Releasing Technique, with a focus on sensation and perception. Besides, she also develops her dance practice working on the back space awareness based on vision to build up the 3D sphere of human bodies. This nurtures her dance making in terms of “being present”. Furtherore, she develops an interdisciplinary art practice intergrating dancing and charcoal drawing, extending the body movement of dancing and drawing into calligraphy quality of moving, based on the sensation of aural listening and metaphorical listening experience.

She initiates a lifetime collaborative project “Dance In Nature” intergrating dance art, energy work (spirituality), and nature (permaculture), guiding people to connect with the cosmic wisdom of mother earth and father sky, to express their essence soul based on the freedom of movement expression and artistic creation, and to create the organic dialogue with improvised music. “Create for people and myself with exploration and expression, which is artistic craft making and choreography; create for well-being with life and love, which is somatic dance practice and creative healing art” is her visionary manifesto, which she is committed to dedicate her gifts, abilities, and visions to dance art, creative healing art, natural living art, and dedicated to well-being with universal energy.