Somatic Contemporary Dance 身心學當代舞蹈技巧

How could we move and dance effortlessly and efficiently, with juicy momentum and delicious risk-taking?



How does human body move and dance? 人類身體如何動?

We embody the knowledge in anatomy and apply the skills in somatics to tune in the inner body. It cultivates as the delicate awareness of the space inside the body and the space around the body.

By giving weight to the ground, and by receiving support from the ground, we find the efficient dynamic within the movement, and enjoy the juicy momentum in the kinaesthetic experience the dancing movement creates.



Connecting & Tuning In 連結身體

To connect with our inner bodies by touching or giving weight, by exploring and by releasing.

Sometimes we also play with the body structure to experiment space, to activate curiosity to explore and cultivate the creative flow.




Apply to Dancing Moving & Improvising 重量 動力 舞蹈 即興 冒險 

We apply the principle we just accumulated to a moving sequence, and enjoy the magic of human bodies! You will experience the pure joy of dancing effortlessly, and be amazed by the juicy momentum of your wow dynamic! The more risk you take, the more released you are, the more freedom you would find in your delicious dancing!




Photographer: Yiannis Katsaris


Feedback from participants 參與者經驗分享