Nature / Well-Being

Listen to the process of creating, to the being of a craftsman, the connection to the nature through my body,
feels grounded and aligned, to the mother nature.


Ecology / Sustainable Living

An interdisciplinary dance studio for dance art, healing art, kinaesthetic charcoal drawing, Reiki energy attuning,
surrounded by nature, self-sustaining garden and farm, growing organic and bio food,
as the exchange art centre in the community, for well-being, creatively and intuitively.



I have been working as a volunteer in Spitafield City Farm and Trees for Cities in London; I also involved as a work-exchange at Ponderosa in Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Germany. This includes farming, gardening, planting trees, seed bank, harvesting, and I also discover the beauty of carpentry. 

When the trees settled down, I touched the soil and as if I could listen to the trees' heartbeat, feeling their joy of being settled - I believe that it’s the healing power of my hands, and this listening experiencing also inspired my dance art practice <Listening-Making-Archiving>.

In my teenager life, for a few years I volunteered in the art centre of my community, and volunteered to take care of a community park with my classmates.


Permaculture Design

After volunteering to work in farming and gardening, with my interest in herbs, and my desire to integrate practical skills and knowledge, I took the permaculture design course with Aranya for 90 hours with a group of like-minded people in Devon, and got the accredited certification in permaculture design by Permaculture Association UK.

As nature and well-being is a fundamental part in my work and vision, I’m dedicated to live the values of it, and commit to the sustainable living lifestyle, where people, community, society and the world can co-create and co-exist harmoniously in a balanced and healthy way.

“Circle of Life” from <The Lion King> is the belief that I treasure the mother earth and father sky since my childhood, and I personally experience that “to see a world in a grand of sand”, simply because, the universe and nature is the best artist which always amaze me in my life, and I want to respect her with all my love.