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Dec 30th Sat 2017, 13:00~14:00, Program 左右達文西 by host Tony Chien 


Soul FLOWing Dance

“Allow your Sensation to Move you,  Allow your Essence life-force Energy to Dance you.” - Jodie Judy Lu YingChu
 “Anatomy is our studio, by exploring, moving, and dancing, 
we connect to what’s inside, our SOUL.” – Jodie Judy Lu YingChu
  • Express <=> FLOW : Embrace each Present Moment with Expanded Consciousness Energy in daily life 
  • Physically Connects your Authentic Intuition with Imagination
  • Creatively Express your True Essence with Freedom

[Soul FLOWing Dance 流態 | 舞·當下]



”Soul FLOWing Dance”是一個舞蹈實踐,這個生命之流一旦開啟了,有許多功能性。它可以是專業舞蹈藝術工作者在一天工作的開始:身心靈全方位的抵達、準備、與進入工作與創造狀態的暖身;也可以是舞蹈實驗創作階段的工具,探索未知的可能性;也可以是讓參與者回到內在的自己,重新連結起天生賦予的自然舞蹈能力;也可以是開啟無限想像力,和多次元自由創造力的自我創意表達工具。

「Soul FLOWing Dance - 流態‧舞當下」引領參與者連結自己身體與內觀,融合當代舞蹈、身心學、解剖學、脈輪、氣功、呼吸、認知神經科學,以及身心靈相關的能量學,透過清晰的口語引導、簡單的身體實作,有時自己一人和內在連結、有時和另一學員共同創造,開啟想像力,自然、直覺、創意的創造每個人最獨一無二的舞蹈之流。



Fundraising for attendance E|MERGE Residency 2018 at Earthdance in MA USA

Jodie Judy Lu YingChu has been honourably invited as one of the curated 20 residents around the world to participate E|MERGE 2018 at Earthdance in Plainfield, MA, USA.

She needs your lovely support to help her attend this collaborative creative residency, including the two-week residency fee (USD 600),

and the return flight back and forth between USA and Taiwan (USD 1,300 during February which is the peak season Chinese New Year).





Usui Reiki Healing Treatment & Training

I channel the universal energy of love, through the approaches of Usui Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho),
to help you balance your body, mind, spirit, soul, and to help you to heal yourself as a whole.
Usui Reiki energy is one of the source energy where everyone of us comes from.
Being embraced by Usui Reiki energy feels like going back home,
and being loved and connected to the whole universe as One.
You can access this sense of unity with my gentle, warm, generous and respectful touch (hands on or hands off).
I am a qualified Reiki Master Teacher and have the lineage tracing back to Mikao Usui.