being selected as a danceWEBber to ImPulsTanz in Vienna Austria

being invited by Prague Quadrennial to perform collaborative work The Circuit

Fundraising goal: to fundraise USD 10,000 by April 21st, 2019, to attend both events above


What does it mean to be selected with honor by danceWEB?

After a thorough evaluation and selection process, out of approx. 1.000 applicants from 63 countries, 46 have been chosen for the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2019 and Jodie/YingChu is one of them.

Since ImPulsTanz started in 1984, and since danceWEB began in 1996, Jodie/YingChu is the 9th danceWEBber with Taiwan nationality.

Since danceWEB started in 1996 and ImPulsTanz began in 1984 , I am the 9th danceWEBber with Taiwan nationality in these 30 years. For all these years all the danceWEBbers around the world have created a danceWEBber network, and being selected with honor as the danceWEBber means an international credit as a dance artist especially in Europe contemporary dance scene.

Jodie/YingChu participated ImPulsTanz in 2014 and in 2016, there were so many people asking me if I was the danceWEBber especially in 2016. I took it as a credit for the creative, inspiring, experimental and innovative spirit emerging artists embody and live with, and also for the interdisciplinary project experiences around the world.

danceWEB and ImPulsTanz respect and emphasise the spirit of globalisation and variation, they show this by putting nationality or residency countries after each artist’s name, for instance, Benoît Lachambre (CA), Xavier Le Roy (DE/FR). This is their way to express respect for artists and for where they come from including culture and investment. One-third of danceWEB scholarship comes from local funding bodies of artists’ home country or country of residence, which shows the spirit of worldwide artists gathering together at danceWEB and ImPulsTanz.

Out of approx. 1.000 applicants from 63 countries, 46 have been chosen for the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2019, the rate of being chosen is smaller than 4.6%. After years and years of efforts and application, finally with honor Jodie/YingChu got the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2019. All the chosen professional dance artists from everywhere around the world will meet together to live and work, to dance and exchange in Vienna this summer, and with hugely potential possibility to create amazingly creative and collaborative work together from this gathering. Jodie/YingChu is blessed to represent Taiwan and Asia to the international dance scene in danceWEB, ImPulsTanz, danceWEBber network, and Europe contemporary dance scene.

Please read the details about danceWEB and ImPulsTanz at the bottom of this webpage.


About the collaborative work The Circuit

In 2017 summer when Moi and the original resemble collaborated together for the R&D, Moi told Jodie that in terms of the concept of the work, Jodie among all the dancers is one of the person who could articulate the concept she initiated the best, which inspired her to develop the idea further. She once wrote in a reference letter:

“Jodie and I collaborated in August 2017 on a live art movement piece in London called The Circuit in an intense period of Research and Development. Jodie is a generous artist and collaborator and I am very grateful for her presence and participation in the development of this piece of work.

Throughout the process Jodie invested her talent, experience and support to myself and the full female ensemble consisting of seven dancers and movement artists. It was genuinely a memorable and creatively productive experience for the full collective.”

Please read the details about The Circuit、Moi Tran、Prague Quadrennial in the bottom of this page. told

About Jodie Judy Lu YingChu:

  • Contemporary Dance | Somatics | Creativity

  • Integrated Marketing Communication (marketing, branding, PR) & Media

  • English Tutor & Translation/Interpretation

  • Usui Reiki healing as a Reiki Master Teacher: healing sessions and training

Grateful Return

By April 21st 2019 I need to fundraise USD 10,000 or TWD 300,000.

I am very grateful for each one of you for your kind support and generosity.

The grateful return could also be customised based on your needs, please leave a message and we could discuss.

  • For individuals:

    • Below TWD 3000 or USD 100: writing postcard to post to you from Prague or Vienna.

    • Between TWD 3000-6000 or USD 100-200: 1 English or Mandarin class, or 1 Creative Body class for kids(able to facilitate via skype).

    • Between TWD 6000-12000 or USD 200-400: 1 English or Mandarin class, or 1 Creative Body class for kids(able to facilitate via skype)

    • Above TWD 12000 or USD 400: so on as the above.

    • Customised based on your needs after discussion.

    • Sponsorship for no return: sincerely appreciate your kind generosity and support!

  • For entrepreneurs, companies:

    • Tax Avoidance.

    • Training for company employees, relaxation and relief course.

    • Exhibition of companies’ products and service at the presentation after the event.

    • Sponsorship for no return: sincerely appreciate your kind generosity and support!

*All return events including class/course/sessions/training and presentation are expected to be planned and executed after Sep 20th 2019.

  • Bank account info (GBP£, Euro€, USD$)

    Beneficiary Bank: HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Limited
    Swift Code: HSBCTWTP
    Bank Address : 13F and 14F., No.333, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City 110
    Beneficiary Name: LU YING CHU
    Beneficiary A/C No. : 059-005041-821

  • Europe bank account info (GBP£)

    Name: Ying-chu Lu
    IBAN: GB33BARC20805710146455

  • Europe bank account info (Euro€)

    Name: Ying-chu Lu
    IBAN: GB19BARC20805743366588

  • UK bank account info (GBP£)

    Sort Code: 20-80-57
    Account Number: 10146455


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ImPulsTanz (2019.7.11~2019.8.11)

ImPulsTanz,that’s performances, workshops, research projects and soçial – the nightly party programme.

Founded in 1984, ImPulsTanz has become one of the most distinguished festivals for contemporary dance worldwide. Thousands of professional dancers, choreographers, teachers and dance aficionados from all over the world encounter each other here, inspire each other, investigate together, exchange and turn Vienna each summer into the epicentre of contemporary dance and performance art.

More than 100.000 people visit the festival each year, the biggest of its kind in Europe.

  •  As audience of the more than 100 performances in Burgtheater or Volkstheater, in Schauspielhaus, the venues in MuseumsQuartier, or the more than 15 further venues and spaces of the city.

  • As particpiants in the around 200 workshops and research projects for beginners and professionals in the studios of Arsenal.

  • Or as visitors of the two grand festival parties in Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz or the nightly DJ-lines and concerts at the ImPulsTanz festival lounge in Burgtheater Vestibül.

In the ImPulsTanz Performance programme contemporary dance creations by established choregraphers meet trendsetting productions by a new generation of artists, who have found a firm place in the festival within the [8:tension] Young Choregraphers’ Series. In the form of exhibitions, installations, book presentations and discussions the ImPulsTanz Extras offer a deeper insight into the world of dance.
The Workshop programme welcomes several thousand participants from more than 80 countries each year: beginners of all ages as well as professionals take the chance to study with international, renowned direction-giving choreographers. In the course of the nightly party- and concert programme ImPulsTanz soçial the festival team invites  artists and spectators to join them celebrating and relaxing at the ImPulsTanz festival lounge or at the parties.




danceWEB (2019.7.9~2019.8.14)

The Scholarship Programme is a 5 week further training program taking place every year in July - August in Vienna in the frame of IMPULSTANZ - Vienna International Dance Festival.

The Program offers young professional dancers and choreographers from mainly European but also non-European countries the possibility to take part in an intense multinational further training program.

The program focuses on the exchange of ideas and knowledge, not limited by national borders, on concentrated further training, on meeting with internationally renowned artists gathering at ImPulsTanz with the aim to orient the career of the participants.

In order to achieve both its educational and artistic goals, the scholarship recipients are accompanied each year by artistic mentors selected amongst dance personalities, who have played a decisive part on an international level in the development of contemporary dance in recent years.

Over 1200 young professional dancers and choreographers from over 87 countries have been part of this program since its creation in 1996.



In order to realize your participation in the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2019, we need to secure the co-funding of your scholarship, namely EUR 2.150.- This amount equals to 1/3 of the total scholarship costs (the total amount of one scholarship slot is approx. EUR 6.450.-) and needs to be provided by local funding bodies of your home country/country of residence. We need to receive the funding confirmation by your funding body by 15 May 2019 the latest on our bank account to confirm your participation in danceWEB 2019.



danceWEB includes the following free services:

• artistic accompaniment by the danceWEB mentors Anne Juren & Annie Dorsen in dialogue with Mette Ingvartsen

• participation in the Research Projects of ImPulsTanz 2019 (ProSeries & Field Projects) 

• participation in the technique workshops of ImPulsTanz 2019  

• free admission to all productions of ImPulsTanz 2019

• exchange of ideas and contact with international teachers, performers and choreographers present at ImPulsTanz 2019

• special projects exclusively offered to the danceWEB scholarship holders 2019

• representation in the yearly growing, international danceWEB-database on

• lecture demonstrations & talks 

• free accommodation in Vienna for the entire period of the Scholarship Programme (5 weeks)

danceWEB does NOT include:

Please note that the programme does not include expenses for food, travel, insurance, visa and transportation in Vienna/bike rental. These expenses need to be covered by yourself!

The Circuit 01.jpg

The Circuit

being invited with honor to perform at Prague Quadrennial

The Circuit - A Movement scenario

The Circuit - A Movement scenario, is an improvised, durational movement piece conceptualised by artist Moi Tran featuring an ensemble of East-Asian female dancers. Coloured floor tape is used to demarcate a six-lane track varying in size, dependent on location. The Circuitous track represents continuum and journey, whilst the action of walking speaks of commonplace, everyday rituals and behaviours that tend to be overlooked. As the dancers step onto the track in unison, they commit to each other and the action of walking within their chosen lane for the duration of the piece in this collective experience. 

Ensemble: Makiko Aoyama, Iris Chan, Jane Chan, Jenny Logico Cruz, Sung Im Her, Annie Pui Ling Lok, Hazel Lam, HaeYeon Lim, Jodie Judy Lu Ying Chu, Mei Mac, Kumiko Mendl 

"In today’s world, understood in terms of multitude politics, of circulations and mobility, a tender desire is stirring to create a new set of relations amongst us, instead of simply being anchored in a context we are turning to anchor on each other."

The Circuit is an improvised, durational movement piece conceptualised by artist Moi Tran, presented by six dancers and a live musician. Coloured floor tape is used to demarcate a six-lane track varying in size, dependent on location. The Circuitous track represents continuum and journey, whilst the action of walking speaks of commonplace, everyday rituals and behaviours that tend to be overlooked. All the dancers are female of East-Asian ethnicity. As they step onto the track in unison, they commit to each other and the action of walking within their chosen lane for the duration of the piece in this collective experience.

Open and intimate, The Circuit manifests a viewing experience of physical and psychological intensity. It encourages the dissolution of borders and evokes an immersive union of artists and viewers - from which the latter can engage, or disengage and re-engage, at any point.

Central to the piece is the question: what defines an East Asian woman in a contemporary context, noting the Asian diaspora has provoked new dialogues pertaining to culture and identity across the globe?

The Circuit can be seen metaphorically as the beginning of a journey, a prologue - charting the territories through which a possible future dialogue on the identity of the East-Asian woman might move, outlining possible boundaries, and proposing routes through the modern flux of shifting and sometimes violently abrading identities, acknowledging both the continuing power of historical narratives and the ultimate impossibility of final destination and closure, bystripping away to reach a state in which identity can be formed anew.

Touring agenda:

Ovalspace, London, January 2018

The Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, London, January 2018

SPILL Festival, Ipswich Art Gallery, London, October 2018

Prague Quadrennial festival of Performance Design and Space

The Prague Quadrennial festival is the largest scenography and Performance event in the world, held once every four years in Prague since 1987. The festival runs over 11 days with over 1000 artists from all over the world participating in more than 100 locations in the centre of Prague. In previous programs the festival has seen over 50,000 visitors who have come to experience the unique opportunity of enjoying a modern living exhibition and a rich cultural programme in the very heart of Prague. 

The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space was established in 1967 to bring the best of design for performance, scenography, and theatre architecture to the front line of cultural activities to be experienced by professional and emerging artists as well as the general public. The quadrennial exhibitions, festivals, and educational programs act as a global catalyst of creative progress by encouraging experimentation, networking, innovation, and future collaborations. PQ aims to honor, empower and celebrate the work of designers, artists and architects while inspiring and educating audiences, who are the most essential element of any live performance.

The Prague Quadrennial last took place June 18 – 28, 2015 in over 60 indoor and outdoor locations in the center of Prague. It included over 600 live events and over 150 expositions during the course of 11 days, presenting performance design (including spatial/set, costume, sound, lighting, and projection design work) from 78 countries. Prague Quadrennial had 180,000 visits, including 6000 accredited professionals and over 1300 students from all over the world actively taking part.

The Prague Quadrennial was recognized after the 2015 edition by the EFFE Awards as one of the most trend-setting European festivals.

Moi Tran

Moi Tran is a creative designer working in a variety of multidisciplinary projects, including theatre, dance, opera, film, animation, site specific installation. Moi trained at the Motley School of Design, Winchester School of Art, and is currently completing her Masters in Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Art.

Moi Tran creates work that exists between abstraction, craft, assemblage, painting, installation and drawing. Her investigations of line, volume, colour, texture, shape, repetition and form are imbued with a sense of questioning, concerned with the need to examine visual assumptions of the use of craft in spatial compositions. Incorporating the idea that cloth wears, fades, stains, stretches and becomes an intimate record of our physical presence and history, her work denotes philosophies of the unfamiliar in the familiar. Textile is the primary material in Tran’s work and traditional textile craft the main tool for manipulation. Importantly the artist insists the textile performs with more prominence than as mere grounds onto which paint would be traditionally applied. Her work considers the process, consideration and time taken in making objects link the close geography concerned with small movements of the hand and arms with the larger mental and physical geographies involved in the engagement of the broader environment. Tran also creates set and costume design for theatre and performance.