Soul FLOWing Dance

“Allow your Sensation to Move you,  Allow your Essence life-force Energy to Dance you.” - Jodie Judy Lu YingChu

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Express <=> FLOW : Embrace each Present Moment with Expanded Consciousness Energy in daily life 

Every Soul is naturally born with the divine gift of dancing, where our creativity and intuition lies.
In this Soul Flowing Dancing practice, participants are guided into a state of being,
in which they connect with their own bodies and mind kinaesthetically, with inner eyes perspective, micro awareness to see the inner landscape.
Through imagery, hands-on touch, and the sensation it creates,
participant tap into the playground where curiosity, imagination and intuition wonders,
leading them to move to explore, and to dance to express,
creating a continuous FLOW in the whole Being, at each Present moment, here and now.

In each one of us, there is a beautiful essence being born with you, and it’s only owned by your individuality, which is your source energy. Every expression of you comes from your source, and only through connecting with your source, you feel aligned and energetic, in the flow. This energy comes from you, because you are the source. In my kinaesthetic dance practice, through connecting with your source energy within you, you feel aligned. This vibration is very powerful and shining brightly in the universe, and you don’t need to make efforts to own it, you just need to "be”.  When you allow your energy to flow and vibrate, you are expanding your aura, your energy field, and you are nurturing your well-being as well.

Soul Flowing Dancing Practice integrates well eastern and western wisdom in body, mind, spirit and soul,
for the motivating purpose of whole being wellness.
It is informed by somatics, contemporary dance, phenomenology, anatomy, Chinese medicine philosophy, Yin-Yang, circle of life, and the divine reflection between human bodies and the Universe. It has been researched and developed by Jodie Judy Lu YingChu, and the deeper and further practice is unfolding in the FLOW constantly at each Present moment. The process of creating the practice itself is also the holistic living example of the wisdom realised in and through embodying this practice.


Physically Connects your Authentic Intuition with Imagination

Participants are led to connect with their own unique imagination, allow their inner child and creativity to come out into play. They are also naturally guided to explore their bodies in a playful way, where their own authentic intuition leading them into the journey of FLOW. This FLOW is where participants allow their true self to EXPRESS and to CREATE their own unique DANCE in the world!

Creatively Express your True Essence with Freedom

Participants are encouraged to draw, write, sing, etc., to transform what you just kinaesthetically experienced to another format of artistic expression. The spirit of CREATing & CRAFTing with your intuition is what fulfils your whole being. Just let your inner child comes out into play and have fun! Being playful to CREATE anything with FREEDOM, you will surprise yourself!

Soul FLOWing Dance at Agape Zoe Healing Festival No.10 in Berlin
Photographer: Grit Siwonia

The following videos are participants dancing in the FLOW by themselves in the session.
Please note that this is NOT a demonstration of how people dance.
Everyone has their own unique way of dancing, you don’t need to learn to dance,
you just need to be curious to explore, and follow your intinction, and allow your life-force energy to FLOW through you.


For Professional Dancers (at Tanzfabrik Berlin) 專業舞者版本:

For Ordinary People (at K77 Dance Studio Berlin and Agape Zoe Healing Festival Berlin No.10) 一般大眾版本:

Feedback from participants 參與者經驗分享:


Where Soul FLOWing Dance has happened:

  • SMASH, Berlin Germany, Oct 2016

  • Private sessions to Qi-Gong artist and healing artist, Berlin Germany, Oct 2016

  • Permaculture Design Course with Aranya, Devon Britain UK, Nov 2016

  • Da Ming Community University, Miaoli Taiwan, April 2017

  • Agape Zoe No.10, Berlin Germany, May 2017

  • Studio 142, Kunstquartier Betanken, Berlin Germany, June 2017

  • K77 Dance Studio, Berlin Germany, July-Oct 2017

I also offer:

  • Zen Calligraphy Movement

  • Multi-Spatial Body

  • Kinaesthetic Sensation & Sensorial Perception

  • Intuitive Creating & Creative Crafting

You are very welcome to join me on the course,
or invite me to go to your place to share FLOW Dance practice with you!
Any kind of co-creating and collaboration are very welcome!
Please feel free to contact or click the button below,
and I will get back to you with more details ASAP !

Art by Juan Gatti

Art by Juan Gatti

"Anatomy is our studio, by exploring, moving and dancing we connect to what’s inside, our SOUL.” - Jodie Judy Lu YingChu

10 serial classes in Berlin Germany:

繼英國倫敦、德國柏林,Soul FLOWing Dance來到了台灣。


Allow your sensation to move you.
Allow your intuition to guide you.
Allow your creative imagination to lead you.
Allow your essence life-force energy to dance you.
Fly and float freely with the feather wings of imagination and sensation, 
and navigate the adventurous journey with flow.
The flow is in the process, not in the outcome.
The flow exists only at each present moment.
The flow state of being happens when being present.

[Soul FLOWing Dance]

”Soul FLOWing Dance”是一個舞蹈實踐,這個生命之流一旦開啟了,有許多功能性。它可以是專業舞蹈藝術工作者在一天工作的開始:身心靈全方位的抵達、準備、與進入工作與創造狀態的暖身;也可以是舞蹈實驗創作階段的工具,探索未知的可能性;也可以是讓參與者回到內在的自己,重新連結起天生賦予的自然舞蹈能力;也可以是開啟無限想像力,和多次元自由創造力的自我創意表達工具。


這個實踐的探索、創造和體驗,本身就是一個生命之流。在探索實驗與創造“Soul FLOWing Dance”的過程中,也覺知、理解與實踐了許多生命的智慧、身體的智慧、和藝術創造的智慧,相信未知,以及,讓過程在眼前開展。不是以結果目標為導向,不是以到達“流的狀態”(flow state of being)為終點,而是,朝著結果目標前進的路上,也就是時時刻刻每一步踏實的實踐過程,處在每一個當下,才是抵達體驗流的狀態的那把鑰匙,也就是”Soul FLOWing Dance”的生命價值。簡而言之,用身體的舞動來實踐身心靈的當下經驗! 



「Soul FLOWing Dance」引領參與者連結自己身體與內觀,融合當代舞蹈、身心學、解剖學、脈輪、氣功、呼吸、認知神經科學,以及身心靈相關的能量學,透過清晰的口語引導、簡單的身體實作,有時自己一人和內在連結、有時和另一學員共同創造,開啟想像力,自然、直覺、創意的創造每個人最獨一無二的舞蹈之流。



• 放鬆身心靈,活化身體氣場
• 建立身體內在景觀敏銳度
• 透過圖像與觸碰,探索身體結構細節
• 開發身體潛在可能性
• 透過自由創造舞動,與世界萬物合一
• 連結內在生命靈魂能量
• 自由創意表達至其他藝術媒介



「我所有的感官支持彼此,我所有的感官和彼此互相溝通」。- 當代舞蹈大師 Tuning Scores創始人Lisa Nelson (1995-1996)


Allow your sensation to move you.
Allow your intuition to guide you.


「舞動的經驗並不是我感官所接收到的舞動,而是感官所創造的舞動」。- Skinner 釋放技巧舞蹈創立期夥伴Bridget Davis (1970)


Allow your creative imagination to lead you.
Allow your essence life-force energy to dance you.

「我經驗所以我舞動 」。- 舞蹈藝術家、Skinner 釋放技巧舞蹈實踐者Kirsty Alexander (2001)


旅英駐德舞蹈藝術家盧映竹,英國倫敦舞蹈創意實踐與專業實踐碩士(MA Creative Practice, Dance Professional Practice),此碩士實踐為當代舞蹈與身心舞蹈殿堂Independent Dance,和Siobhan Davies Dance,以及拉邦舞蹈音樂學院(Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance)所共同合開。

曾在台灣台北、中國北京、英國倫敦、丹麥哥本哈根、德國柏林、奧地利維也納,與世界各地的獨立藝術家共同合作,創作舞蹈藝術與劇場藝術作品,巡迴表演。個人獨舞舞蹈創作φ (phi) 已4度受邀於歐洲巡迴表演,包含荷蘭阿姆斯特丹KunstenDialoog/Arts and Dialogue、荷蘭阿姆斯特丹4bid藝廊、德國柏林SAVVY藝廊,以及數位線上舞蹈藝術節發表作品。

她以舞蹈藝術和身體為核心,探索感官知覺,著重在身體和心智之間的關係,並延伸至其他藝術媒材,融合創造力、身心靈與直覺,研發創作許多創意舞蹈實踐。她同時也是位臼井靈氣師父級教師。創立Soul FLOWing WellBeing,身體體驗的舞蹈藝術、創意的身心靈療癒藝術,以及自然有機的生活藝術,是她以行動力分享推廣給世界各地朋友的平台。




“You don’t have to do anything anymore, just allow the body to do it by itself! It feels so free, you’re just being there, and let the body leading...a sense of ecstasy, so much joy, it’s really beautiful!” - L. Gris

不需任何舞蹈經驗 no dance experiences required.

Cancellation Policy:

  • more than 7 days prior to the class/workshop: refund 80% of investment minus transaction fee

  • 4-7 days prior to the session: refund 50% of investment minus transaction fee

  • within 3 days: no refund


  • 超過開課7天以上:退費學費的80%,須扣除轉帳手續費。

  • 開課前4-7天:退費學費的50%,須扣除轉帳手續費。

  • 開課前3天內,恕不退費,恕不補課,恕不換課。