Dance in Nature

Allow the Sensation to Move you
Allow the Nature to Dance you

Allow the Sunshine to Kiss you
Allow the Wind to Fly you
Allow the Water to Float you
Allow the Soil to Ground you

This is a dialogue about true essence between body/mind/spirit/soul and the Universe/the Earth,
also an improvised and experimental dialogue between music art and dance art!

Fly and float freely with the wing of imagination and sensation,
and enjoy the adventurous navigation with music.

Copyright Bosque Cultural MediTapalpa

“State of being” always fascinates me and is the ultimate goal of this open practice. It’s usually through the journey of somatic practice that makes me grounded and opens up my sensation and awareness. Loads of time the consciousness and sensitiveness guides me to perceive some images, and align me to the Universe. The whole journey is quite mind-blowing and could lead me to release and let go, create interwining dimensions in my imagination, express in different forms of art, and enjoy the flow in my body, in my life. I always praise the miracle of anatomy, the human body is the divine product of the Universe, because I can see the law of the Universe applies to the very tiny part of human bodies, or I should say, the human bodies reflect the law of the Universe. I’m propelled to dedicate myself into this discovery, and I am committed to share this beautiful journey with people, community, world, and the Universe. 

Copyright EarthDance Living

Dance in Nature: Dance Art + Spirituality + Ecology

“Dance Art + Spirituality + Ecology” is my visionary dream, soul purpose, life vision, and vows. Before I moved to London in September 2015, I held a charity event “Dance In Nature” in my hometown. As a person who lived in Miaoli Taiwan for 31 years, this is the way I dedicate to my community and the Earth. This ball court is a lawn from my balcony view, somewhere that always brings me peace, where I can see stars and pray to the Universe. At that time I was moving to London in 1 week to further my artistic career, and my family was moving to another apartment, so this is also a ritual for me to express gratitude to this beautiful land. This event was also the very first trial of my lifetime project “Dance Art + Spirituality + Ecology”, and I guided people to meditate by deep breathing, with some improvised music leading, people could connect to the core of the planet and align to the source energy, and tune in their body and spirit within, to feel their own state and consciousness, and to see their soul and essence. Hence, to freely express themselves by moving their bodies, dancing, improvising, drawing, singing, writing, to become grounded and centered, and as a way to heal, retreat, and purify themselves. 

Copyright Trees for Cities

This is a soul having blessings by being embraced by dance art again in her life, who desires to express her gratitude to the Universe and the Earth, to every moment in life, and to the beautiful encounters with people, by sharing a charity based dancing event with the Universe, which has nurtured her for the past 3 decades. The divine trinity relationship among participants, music art and dance art creates communication through giving and receiving, which is sharing and exchanging, with awareness and observation. It is a dialogue within, which can inspire people to create more with holistic arts to freely express soul and essence.

I embody and integrate all these research in somatics informed dancing technique and practice, and spirituality healing work into my artistic practice to share with people. I see myself as the facilitator to share my dance practice “Dance in Nature” with people, which could take them to a “state of being” where they feel released and purified, where they feel connected to themselves and tuned in, where they feel inspired to express their soul and essence, where they can enjoy the freedom of movement, where they are motivated to create other forms of art and expression, where they can enjoy the physicality of flying and floating.