Creative Healing Art

Everything is Energy in the universe. We are One, we are Whole. Everything is Connected.


Professional Usui Reiki Master & Practitioner
(The Usui System of Natural Healing, Usui Shiki Ryoho)

In many somatic dance practice, tactile work is one of the applied tools. I have been praised many times that my touch is precise, clear, and respectful, from the receiving partner’s perspective. In my spiritual journey, after a few Reiki treatment sessions, I recognise and value the healing power of my own touch, and decide to walk this Reiki journey - becoming a daily practitioner and a certified Reiki Master.

Reiki practitioner channels the source energy, which is, where we all come from, before we incarnate, full of unconditional love and pure joy, to help the receiver back to the harmonious balance in the whole self again. The healing process goes through every level of the being - the physical/emotional/mental/spiritual/soulful level - back to the neutral state of being.

In Reiki session, I channel the Reiki energy and it goes through every charka of your body, helps you to be aligned, grounded, and tranquil, in a gentle and subtle way. I’m pleased to know from a Reiki Master that I have a pair of powerful and very warm shoulders - arms - hands. While practicing Reiki on my friends, it’s also such an honour to know that my healing touch is gentle, warm, and generous.

I may also use Himalayan singing bowl and crystals to serve different vibrational healing functions in some sessions. Concession rates are available upon request.

Craftsmanship - Allow the Energy to FLOW through your Intuitive Creativity

In my kinaesthetic dance practice, and the kinaesthetic charcoal drawing, both are based on the sensation and perception as the stimulus, the body as the channel, allow the body to be moved and to be danced by the energy. This moving and dancing is very intuitive and impulsive, or we can say it’s from the heart and soul, not form the intellectual mind.

After this channel has been opened up and developed, the flow reveals. In this flow state of being, the body movement is a manifestation of the energy, and it can be transformed into another artistic form - charcoal drawing. Charcoal is an original material that the body can directly touch it without any other decoration in between, sometimes the body would have the urge to completely embrace the charcoal as well.

Listen to how the body moves, and the charcoal is the extension of the body, moves on the paper. Without any interference from the ego and the mind, the movement of the body, in space, on the paper, are the freedom of expression.

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Embody the Energy Work for Well-Being

In each one of us, there is a beautiful essence being born with you, and it’s only owned by your individuality, which is your source energy. Every expression of you comes from your source, and only through connecting with your source, you feel aligned and energetic, in the flow. This energy comes from you, because you are the source.

In my kinaesthetic dance practice, through connecting with your source energy within you, you feel aligned. This vibration is very powerful and shining brightly in the universe, and you don’t need to make efforts to own it, you just need to "be”. 

When you allow your energy to flow and vibrate, you are expanding your aura, your energy field, and you are nurturing your well-being as well.